Friday, August 17, 2007

Rising Sea Levels effects of Global Warming & Solutions to Avert Catastrophe

Solutions to Avert Catastrophe

Enclosed is a premiere topic of our generation, about saving our wonderful planet earth, and also ourselves too. My goal is to keep everybody abreast and involved to prevent the future dim scenario in the mother country. If we do not implement the gentle methods to placate our environment, the Philippines and all areas in "the tropics with its few resources and growing population will resort to war and violence to satisfy the hunger of the populace in this climate catastrophe." What we have sown in this planet will bring forth a harsh aftermath and gone will be the pleasant existence of our past. This topic has become a moral issue.

The havoc and destruction will be more than the combined effects of WWI, WWII and the 1929 depression. It is about, how the recent generations could destroy all what man has created in the past 10,000 years. This also brings to light the moral values of the entities whose objectives are to spread doubt and prolong the debate on Global Warming. The debate is now over, on authority of some of the world's top science experts, they believe that those who spread doubt maybe prosecuted as criminals as they "have blood on their hands" and are "morally if not legally, criminals."

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