Friday, August 17, 2007

Rising Sea Levels effects of Global Warming & Solutions to Avert Catastrophe

Solutions to Avert Catastrophe

Enclosed is a premiere topic of our generation, about saving our wonderful planet earth, and also ourselves too. My goal is to keep everybody abreast and involved to prevent the future dim scenario in the mother country. If we do not implement the gentle methods to placate our environment, the Philippines and all areas in "the tropics with its few resources and growing population will resort to war and violence to satisfy the hunger of the populace in this climate catastrophe." What we have sown in this planet will bring forth a harsh aftermath and gone will be the pleasant existence of our past. This topic has become a moral issue.

The havoc and destruction will be more than the combined effects of WWI, WWII and the 1929 depression. It is about, how the recent generations could destroy all what man has created in the past 10,000 years. This also brings to light the moral values of the entities whose objectives are to spread doubt and prolong the debate on Global Warming. The debate is now over, on authority of some of the world's top science experts, they believe that those who spread doubt maybe prosecuted as criminals as they "have blood on their hands" and are "morally if not legally, criminals."

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Energy Crisis Management: New technology enables alternative energy applications

Google Tech Talks
November 13, 2006

A new ultracapacitor technology from APCT (US-Ukrainian start-up) provides an efficient, low cost means of managing power delivery for applications ranging from hand held devices to hybrid vehicles and power generating systems of all types. When integrated into battery powered devices, the APCT technology can extend battery life by as much as 400%, lowering the cost of batteries and reducing hazardous waste streams. Fast charge/discharge cycling with 95% efficiency improves performance and lowers cost for fuel cell vehicles and hybrid electric automobiles. High energy density and hundreds of thousands of cycles provides critical load leveling capabilities for wind and solar power generators while eliminating stacks of lead acid batteries supporting fragile power grids.
The unique construction and materials of the APCT ultracapacitor improves performance by 3 to 4 times when compared to current offerings. For the first time, the cost/benefit requirements for automotive, power quality and consumer electronic applications can be achieved in mass production.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Water Car Inventor Murdered

water bike on 60 minutes:

Free energy is here NOW:

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Easy Solar Power

Installing clean, reliable, inflation-proof solar power is easier than ever, thanks to the invention of thin-film photovoltaic (PV) laminates that can be bonded directly onto metal roofing panels. Unlike crystalline PV material, there’s no need for obtrusive racks and heavy, expensive glass. Instead, unbreakable thin-film PV is produced using amorphous silicon, encapsulated in Teflon and other polymers.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Philippines, The Rainforest

The Philippines boasts a significant share of the world’s tropical rainforest, comprising 10% of the country’s area. The islands harbor a great biodiversity of flora and fauna. Among the animals, there are 200 mammal species, 600 bird species, and 200 reptile species. Among the plants, there are 10,000 tree and fern species and 900 orchid species. Since large portions of the archipelago remain relatively unexplored, the numbers and range of diversity are probably even higher.

China will be drilling for oil off our coast

Idaho Senator Larry Craig delivers a speech on the floor of the United States Senate exposing the fact that China is developing oil resources in Cuban waters 50 miles from the U.S coast.

GreenFuel Technologies Emissions-to-Biofuels (TM)

GreenFuel's algae bioreactor reduces CO2 by over 40% and NOx by over 80% from power plant smokestacks. The algae oil produced by the bioreactor can be converted to biofuels such as biodiesel and ethanol or can be dried and cofired. This video shows the bioreactor at work at the 20MW MIT Cogen power plant which successfully reduced greenhouse gases while producing a renewable energy source. For information about more field deployments see the website:

Climate Change Solution, New technology that converts CO2 into energy

This is a new technology that cuts CO2 emissions by 99.5%, it does this by seperating the Carbon and Oxygen particles before releasing them into the environment. Energy is created during this process, generating 100x more power then it uses. It is the cheapest and most effective means to fight pollution and would not require a change from our major fuel sources . Here's the website.

Industries are trying very hard to ignore this problem, and in doing so are ignoring completely commen sence solutions such as this. This technology offers only benifits to all and will save industries money by generating power more effectively from current fuel sources such as coal and oil. We do not need to sacrifice jobs and growth to cut greenhouse gases. This technology is a great step in the right direction. Spread the news of this technology!